We have a number of programs that help to raise funds for Central Elementary.  By participating in these programs, we have be able to not have school sponsored fund raiser. We would encourage you to participate in the following programs:

Box Tops for Education:  Please save box tops off of your favorite products.  Each box top is worth 10¢ for our school.

Smith’s Earn and Learn:  Please sign up for our school to receive funds based on your Smith’s purchases.

Macey’s Receipts: You can support Central by linking your Macey’s Perks card to Central. When you shop using your card, a percentage will be given to us at the end of the year. Last spring at the Dance festival, we receive a check for $1525 from Macey’s!

Paper Recycling:  A bin is available in the northwest end of our parking lot to recycle paper, newspapers, phone books, cardboard, etc.